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Angel Oak Commercial Lending is a privately held specialty finance company that provides access to debt for value add, transitional and stabilized projects. As a vertically integrated commercial real estate debt platform, the company leverages its extensive commercial real estate finance expertise, experience and relationships to serve as a dependable end-to-end lending partner for its borrowers.

The Angel Oak Advantage

Full Spectrum Debt Products

The company’s full product offering allows for fulfillment of all commercial financing needs as well as a fluid credit process for repeat borrowings.

Deep Commercial Real Estate Experience

The team has deep knowledge and experience to efficiently deal with complex commercial real estate transactions, offering structured solutions and flexible financing.

Comprehensive Structured Loans

The company’s structured loans span the entire capital stack, eliminating the need for multiple lender negotiations and allowing for a greater certainty of execution.

Extensive Capital Market Expertise

Angel Oak’s proven history of origination, underwriting and capital market expertise allows it to offer more optimized and cost-efficient loan pricing.

Full Lifecycle Loan Management

Serving as dedicated partners for the full lifecycle of the loan, Angel Oak provides a better borrower experience with its high-touch loan servicing.


Angel Oak Commercial Lending is focused on creating long-term relationships built on trust and open communication with its borrowers. Angel Oak’s dedicated team of experts takes the burden off the borrower, using its commercial real estate debt expertise to manage the entire loan process quickly and efficiently.


Angel Oak is passionate about making positive contributions to its community and recognizes the importance of giving back to those in need both locally and around the nation. Angel Oak will continue to take an active interest in community service and partner with organizations that are creating opportunities for a better tomorrow.