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Angel Oak Commercial Lending products cover small balance, senior, bridge, and mezzanine loans in almost every asset class nationwide directly or through an affiliate entity.  We believe that through these products, our experienced underwriting team will work to provide a solution that meets most borrower’s needs.

Small Balance Commercial
SBA 504 Loans
Prime Bridge product “fix and flip”
Financing Terms
Loan Purpose Purchase, Recapitalization, Refinance, Rehab, Bridge
Loan Amount $200,000 to $5 million
Loan Term 3, 5, and 7 years
Asset Type Industrial, Lodging, Mixed-Use, Mobile Home Parks, Multifamily, Office, Retail, and Self-Storage
Geographic Scope Nationwide
Borrowing Entity Single Purpose Entity, Individuals
Security First Mortgage
Loan to Value Up to 75% LTV of appraised value
Amortization 25- and 30-year options
Interest Rate Fixed and Floating
Prepayment Fee based or minimum interest
Recourse Full and non-recourse available with a pledge of borrower LLC with customary carve outs
Financing Terms
Loan Purpose Purchase and Refinance
Property Type All asset classes including lodging
Loan Amount $2 million to $15 million
Loan Term 10 years
Geographic Scope Nationwide, Top 125 MSAs
Borrowing Entity Single Purpose Entity
Security First Mortgage
Loan to Value Up to 85%
Amortization Typically 25 years
Interest Rate Fixed or Floating with a floor of 6.25%
Prepayment Fee Based
Recourse Full and Limited Guarantees
Financing Terms
Loan Purpose Bridge or Mezzanine
Loan Amount Greater than $1 million
Loan Term Less than 3 years
Asset Type All asset classes considered
Geographic Scope Nationwide
Borrowing Entity Single-Purpose Entity
Security First or Second Mortgage
Loan to Value Up to 85%
Amortization Interest Only
Interest Rate Greater than 9%
Prepayment Minimum Interest
Recourse Full and Non-Recourse
Financing Terms
Loan Purpose Other loans to be considered under special consideration

The product term contained herein are representative only and are subject to change from time to time without notice

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